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The last texts from Jocap


Author Instructions
19 May 2020


Yokoniya Chilanga
When the hyena wears darkness: ubuntu as a barrier in the fight against hiv/aids
18 June 2020
Bernard Matolino
Inaugural Synopsis
19 May 2020
M. John Lamola
Book review
19 May 2020
Fainos Mangena
Open border issues, crime and xenophobia in south africa: some ethical insights
13 May 2020
Diana-Abasi Ibanga
Paths to African personhood and identity in the diasporas: the case for reburial of African enslaved ancestors
13 May 2020
Emmanuel OFUASIA
Monotheism and metaphysics in the yorùbá thought system: a process alternative
13 May 2020


The Journal
19 May 2020

Information note

Publishing Policies
14 May 2020
14 May 2020
Website information
14 May 2020